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Angela Godoy (Uncredited)

Angela Godoy

Montgomery, Maryland Award of Excellence: $2,000Age: 23 "Art is a means through which I could to conquer my physical disability. Through it, I found a world where my limitations were irrelevant." Art has played a central role in Angela Godoy's whole life, but it gained importance after the onset of hemiplegia at age six. Art became a means of escaping the physical limitations of her childhood and, more recently, has become a mode of expressing the memories of physical and emotional pain.  Godoy's self-portraits are delicate, multi-layered creations of black gesso, ink, and paper on which the artist scratches details with a sharp mat knife.


Additional Resources

  • Momentum Exhibition: A National Juried Exhibition for Emerging Artists with Disabilities, Ages 16-25. September 7, 2011 - January 22, 2012