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Roger Reynolds (uncredited)

Roger Reynolds

Composer Roger Reynolds's output ranges from instrumental compositions (string quartets, orchestral music) to elaborate dramatic works for singers, actors, instruments, and multichannel computer processed sound. He works at the interface between high technology and art in such projects as george WASHINGTON, commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra, the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, and the University of California, Washington Center; ILLUSION, commissioned for Esa-Pekka Salonen by the Los Angeles Philharmonic in cooperation with the Rockefeller and Koussevitzky Foundations; 22, a collaboration with dancer Bill T. Jones, and the Arts Media and Engineering program at ASU; SANCTUARY (supported by the National Gallery of Art and red fish blue fish); Submerged Memories for Paul Dresher's Electroacoustic Band with tenor John Dykers (commissioned by the Fromm Foundation); and SEASONS (supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, National Gallery of Art, and New Music Concerts [Toronto]). Real-time computer algorithms have played an increasingly strong role in recent works such as MARKed MUSIC, Dream Mirror, and Positings, all of which are intensively collaborative undertakings in which improvisation is also an integral component. About Dream Mirror, the Washington Post's Stephen Brookes wrote: ".