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John Williams (Bachrach)

John Williams

composer and conductor (born February 8, 1932, in Long Island, New York) His distinctive sound is instantly recognizable, and his scores for what have become classics of the cinema have earned him a place of honor in the history of American film and American music. Named "the most successful composer of film music in the history of the medium" by the Boston Globe, John Williams has given us the brassy, unabashedly romantic, optimistic sound of an all-American art form. He "startles you with the quality of his musical imagination," wrote Anthony Tommasini of the New York Times . "He's the March King of our era," wrote the Boston Globe's Richard Dyer, who also has been "struck again and again by how unmistakable Williams' voice is – and by how many things he can say with it." A lot, it turns out, all beautifully.