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Ensemble Tartit

The men and women of Ensemble Tartit are Tuaregs of the Kel Antessar confederation residing in the Timbuctoo and Goundam region in the basin of the Niger River of Northern Mali. They belong to a nomad people who currently comprise between one and two million people and have been present in the vast territories of the Sahara and the Sahel in Africa for thousands of years. They are related to the great Berber community that dominated Northern Africa until the arrival of the Arab conquerors in the seventh century, therefore, making the Tuaregs cousins to the Rifain of Morocco, the Kabyles of Algeria, and to the former Guanches of the Canary Islands. They share the basis of their culture and language with the aforementioned, although they alone have preserved the use of the ancient tifinagh alphabet that was once employed by all the Berber peoples. It is thanks to the Tuaregs that the different Berber races can once more use this alphabet to transcribe their language.

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