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RUM Tareq Al Nasser Musical Group (The Kennedy Center)

RUM Tareq Al Nasser Musical Group

RUM Tareq Al Nasser Musical Group, an independent, non-profit, and non-governmental organization founded in 1998, aims to contribute in blending the original Jordanian musical spirit into the music heritage of the world by creating a new line of music. With more than 55 original musical compositions by Tareq Al Nasser, and the development of more than 33 rearrangements for local & international folkloric songs, the group of over 20 Jordanian musicians worked throughout the years to build a very successful record. This includes holding 125 concerts through its participations in international festivals in more than 40 cities around the world, and working with 200 musicians from different nationalities. RUM has attempted to introduce (through modern (western & eastern) and traditional instruments and tools) the thoughts, ideas and dreams of a youth whose spirit bathes eternally in a rich civilization and great culture.The group has proved its presence in the Middle East and internationally through much participation in musical and cultural festivals around the world including Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.


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