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Moch Pryderi (The Kennedy Center)

Moch Pryderi

Based in Fredericksburg, VA, six-piece Celtic band Moch Pryderi (Welsh for “Pryderi’s Pigs”) is firmly rooted in the traditional Brythonic music of Wales and Brittany, interwoven with traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, and the American-Appalachians.  The band's instrumentation, Welsh triple harp, small and great pipes, Breton bombardes, Welsh pibgorns, Celtic bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, flutes, whistles, and percussion, as well as the band's vocal abilities, create a diversified pallet for Moch’s distinctive and haunting sound. The band has performed at most major festivals on the east coast, including The Celtic Classic, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Washington Folk Festival, the Potomac Celtic Festival, the Fredericksburg Welsh Festival, the Philadelphia Welsh Festival, the Historic Rugby Festival of British & Appalachian Culture, and the Celtic Nations Heritage Festival in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The Band also appears as The Hardtack & Sowbelly String Band, playing the hits of the 1840's, 1850's, 1860's, and 1870's. Together since 1998, the band's three CDs, Dancing in the Pigsty, Belly Jerk, and Jig Moch contain a rich selection of Welsh, Breton, Irish, and Cornish materials as well as original works.