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Explore the Arts: Interactives

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  • Explore the Music of Budapest, Prague, and Vienna The Music of Budapest, Prague, and Vienna

    A popular destination of Central European tour groups, these three beautiful cities contain a great deal of European history within their walls. Part of the same empire until 1918, they are now the respective capitals of three different sovereign nations.



  • Jazz in Time Jazz in Time

    Developed for middle and high school audiences, this interactive timeline follows the development of this great American art form. Divided by decade, the timeline highlights events that helped shape jazz and illustrates the styles of each period through music and images.



  • NSO: Meet the Musicians NSO: Meet the Musicians

    Learn more about the National Symphony Orchestra using the new interactive feature above. Click on the options on the top right hand side of the feature to learn more about the individual musicians of the NSO, the different instruments of the orchestra, the NSO administrative staff and governance, and more.



  • Perfect Pitch

    This interactive explores the variety of musical instruments in orchestras from baroque to modern. Players can learn how instruments are made, create their own orchestral arrangements, find out about famous players and composers, and put instruments into their historical context. Guided listening is combined with questions about the history, construction, and use of the instruments. A baseball metaphor and lots of options for exploration and play will keep students coming back to this one!



  • The Sondheim Celebration: 10 Years Later The Sondheim Celebration: Ten Years Later

    A decade ago, the Kennedy Center hosted an unprecedented look into the mind of a modern genius by exploring the works of Stephen Sondheim through the Sondheim Celebration.



  • WNO: Meet the Opera WNO: Meet the Opera

    You can engage with the Washington National Opera by getting information on the WNO's latest performance offerings, our enrichment opportunities, get introduced to tomorrow's young artists, and watch our collection of exciting behind-the-scenes opera videos! If you love opera, you won’t want to miss out on what’s going on with the Washington National Opera today!