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 Taal India: Percussion Ensemble Taal India: Percussion Ensemble

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A percussion ensemble unique in its look, feel and vibrancy, Taal India is a concept of Banyan Tree Events created and directed by Mr. Mahesh Babu. Featuring some of the most popular as well as rare, exotic, folk, and classical instruments form across India like pung, dhol, naal, khadtaal, dholak, mirav, edddakka, chenda, and tabla etc., it is powerful, pulsating with energy and spectacular synergy. Each performer in his traditional attire adds to the charm of the colorful presentation. Led by Anubrata Chatterjee on the tabla, Taal India truly brings alive the phenomenon called India with its grand diversity of sound, instruments, and, most importantly, the joy the percussionists create together. Part of maximum INDIA.

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