The Kennedy Center

Iberia Festival Iberian Suite: global arts remix

March 3–24, 2015


All installations are free, no tickets required. Unless otherwise noted below, installations are open from 10 a.m. until the building closes at midnight.

Installation: A Journey of Imagination

Working with such media as cork, paper, audio, and more, three Portuguese artists--Vhils, Manuela Pimentel, and Nuno Vasa--honor the literary arts with installations inspired by urban environments and street life.

  • Mar 4 - Mar 22
  • Hall of Nations

Installation: Jangada de Pedra (The Stone Raft) by architects Eduardo Souto de Moura and Álvaro Siza Vieira

Inspired by Nobel Laureate José Saramago's novel of the same name, this abstract installation made of Portuguese stone and water has been created in a special collaboration for the festival between Portugal's two Pritzker Prize laureates.

  • Mar 4 - Mar 22
  • Front Plaza

Installation: REMIX Space

Illustrating the history of the Iberian Peninsula, giant video images of maps guide visitors through seven centuries, beginning prior to 1500 and leading to the Iberian trans-oceanic voyages.

  • Mar 4 - Mar 22
  • Terrace Gallery

Installation: The Transatlantic Table: 500 Years of Global Gastronomy

Constructed from cork, this interactive family space about healthy eating and cool food facts related to the Iberian Peninsula features iPad games, takeaway cards, and a fruit-plate craft activity inspired by panels from artist Roger Rowley.

  • Mar 4 - Mar 22
  • Nations Gallery

Installation: Triptych + One

American artist Scott Gundersen has used 40,000 wine corks to create larger-than-life portraits of four masters of Spanish- and Portuguese-language letters: Gabriel García Márquez, Gabriela Mistral, Jorge Amado, and Federico García Lorca.

  • Mar 4 - Mar 22
  • States Gallery

Installation: So Blue So White: Fashions Centuries in the Making

Blue-and-white Chinese porcelain, initially brought to Europe by Portuguese trading ships, has influenced fashion designers around the world. A selection of their creations will be on display, including two gowns especially commissioned for the festival.

  • Mar 4 - Mar 22
  • Hall of States