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CD-Lion King Orginal Cast Recording SPECIAL 2-DISC EDITION

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The Lion King (Original Broadway Cast)Special 2-Disc Edition.

An Oscar win might suggest a score that would need a miracle to be bettered — but this colorful stage adaptation of Disney's The Lion King does so with flair. Includes the Original broadway cast recording and new BONUS behind the scenes DVD.

Composers Mark Mancina and Lebo M worked closely together to fuse the movie's many disparate elements. Where there was a veritable army exercising creative influences for the animated tale, this brings it all under the wings of a like-minded few. This is genuinely apparent as one track flows smoothly into the next. The African rhythms--both vocal and in instrumentation--come across as authentic and original all at once. No doubt this is largely through Mancina's passion for peculiar instruments and the possibilities suggested from nightly live performances.

"Grasslands Chant" is a good place to hear this. The hit favorites are here of course, but both "Circle of Life" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" are pleasingly unrecognizable with chorus and shifting beats. Better still is the likelihood they will now be eclipsed by some of the new numbers. Mancina's own "He Lives in You" being a strong contender. With a sound mix as crisp as you'd hope to find, this is rousing stuff.

Yes this is the original Broadway cast recording. It is priced like a CD and includes 20 tracks of songs from the play,

But wait there's more!
Included with this special 2-disc edition is a bonus DVD that takes you behind the scenes of the London production for an exclusive look at how the story  was adapted for the stage. The DVD running time is 30 minutes.

Item Price: $25.00
Member Price: $22.50