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Jacqueline Kennedy Collection
Bangle Bracelet

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Jacqueline Kennedy had a lovely collection of bangle bracelets that she acquired over the years.  Caroline selected these four of Jackie's favorite designs.

While each bangle can stand alone, Jackie usually wore them stacked together, and she liked her bracelets to move far up her arm and clack against each other. 

All of the bangles in her collection were fashion jewelry, as 14 and 18k gold is too soft to take the banging around of a bangle.

Originals: Fashion jewelry, glass stones.
Replicas: 18k gold plate, Swarovski crystals.
Replicas by Camrose & Kross.

Each bangle is 18k gold-plated and the set includes: a highly polished bangle with 8 Swarovski crystals, a filigree bangle, a rope-design bracelet, and a bangle with a wrapped design. 

The Bangle Set is available in 7-inch (Average) and 8-inch (Large) sizes.

 A customer service representative will contact you regarding desired size after order placement.

Item Price: $100.00
Member Price: $90.00