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BK-'The Dancer's Survival Manual'

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The process of beginning a career in dance can be intimidating and overwhelming. In choosing a school and a teacher, auditioning, competing, and signing a contract, a young dancer has to play many roles and make many difficult, life-altering choices. The older dancer faces a different set of concerns: dealing with the management and the press, navigating backstage politics, working through injuries, staying healthy, and eventually coping with the prospect of moving to a new profession. In "The Dancer's Survival Manual", former New York City Ballet dancers Marian Horosko and Judith Kupersmith, MD., draw upon their vast experience to carefully explain and demystify a career in dance. Written in a highly readable style, this comprehensive guide covers all the major decisions and challenges a dancer may face over the course of his or her career, and emphasizes the importance of caring for both the mind and body at every stage. Horosko and Kupersmith write with the knowledge that the most frightening aspect of any new venture is the unknown. They draw upon their vast experience to carefully explain and demystify a career in dance - engaging with and debunking common misconceptions about subjects in both the professional and personal realms. No dancer's collection is complete without this honest and engaging guide! This is a road map to plan your career in dance.

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