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BK-'Madame Butterfly' by Monica Lapenta

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Tell a Friend

by Monica E. Lapenta, illustrated by Stefani Pravato.

The setting is Nagasaki, Japan. Pinkerton, a U.S. naval officer, and Butterfly, a young and beautiful geisha, are getting married. The couple spends some happy days together after the wedding then one morning Pinkerton decides to go back to America. Before leaving, he promises Butterfly that he will return as soon as possible. Butterfly watches sadly as Pinkerton’s ship leaves the port. She doesn’t know that three long years will pass before she sees her beloved again. When that day finally arrives, instead of a joyful reunion, the beautiful geisha receives shocking news that will lead to a tragic end.

Childrens Paperback

44 pages.

Paramica, a children’s book publisher founded in Milan in 2005, began with a series of e-books for young children on the subject of music, produced in both Italian and English. After two years devoted exclusively to e-books, they began producing printed books in 2007. First were published eight volumes, including books about musical instruments, the works of Rossini, Vivaldi, and Bellini, and three lyric operas, available in Italian and English editions.

In 2008 they launched their most popular collection, Discovering opera with Babetta. From the beginning it was a great success. Each beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a well-known Italian opera and includes text in four languages. In our books nothing is left to chance: simple, easy-to-read text is combined with original, full-color art, eco-friendly paper, high-quality graphics, and the best Italian printing. In less than three months, this series won the esteem of the reading public and space in the largest bookshops of Italian and foreign opera theatres.

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