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Opera House Jewelry Collection-Amethyst Stone Necklace (Silver)

Image of Opera House Jewelry Collection-Amethyst Stone Necklace (Silver)

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Pendant -- Opera House Curtain Accent w/ Amethyst

Designed by Katherine Kornblau of KJK Jewelry in New York, this lovely jewelry was inspired by a section of the pattern on the Kennedy Center's Opera House curtain. The gems are amethyst.

Red silk and gold thread combine to make one of the most splendid gifts the Kennedy Center has ever been given, the Opera House curtain. Received from the people of Japan, the elegant curtain was literally a big gift. Weighing 3,000 pounds and measuring 47 by 117 feet, its size posed a problem to weave. It was too large to be woven by hand, yet required the sensitivity of hand weaving to convey the feeling of rhythm in the gentle curves of its designs. The ingenious solution to this problem was to custom build the world's largest Jacquard weaving machine for Kyoto's master weavers, comprised of 3,600 needles.

The rhythmic pattern of the curtain is called Spring Flowers, a Japanese symbol of progress, in honor of the frontier spirit of President Kennedy.

All components of this collection are made and assembled in the USA

The Amethyst Stone Earrings and Silver Earrings go well with this necklace.

Here is the curtain pattern that inspired this jewelry:

Opera house curtain

Item Price: $20.00
Member Price: $18.00