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Jacqueline Kennedy Collection
Ruby Garland Bracelet

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Many people are not aware of how sentimental John F. Kennedy was with regards to his relationship to Jacqueline. He marked every occasion, sometimes extravagantly. This bracelet was a gift to Jackie in October of 1962, on the anniversary of their first kiss. The original piece was from Tiffany’s, and he had it made with emeralds. Jackie liked it so much she had a second bracelet made in the same design, this time with rubies.

This Garland Bracelet carries 9 dark and 18 clear Swarovski crystals.

Original: Gold, rubies, diamonds.
Replica: 18K Gold plating, Swarovski crystals.
The bracelet is 7½ inches long. In addition, it comes with a one inch extension.
Replica by Camrose & Kross.

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