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Jacqueline Kennedy Collection
Round Face Watch

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During WWII, rationing prevented even the wealthy from spending or obtaining lavish items. While she would have bought something new for Jackie’s 13th birthday in 1942, her mother Janet gifted her own Chopard watch instead. Though she loved the heirloom piece, Jackie always wanted a “new” one of her own.

In June 1971 Jackie was traveling in the Bordeaux region of France and bought this watch for herself. She especially loved the unusual woven leather strap; weaving leather on leather is a difficult technique. This was a men’s watch, yet she liked the ease of reading big numbers. Large watches on women were not in style at the time — Jackie is credited with starting the trend.

Original: Diamonds, leather, 18k solid gold case Chopard wind-up men’s watch. 
Replica: Swarovski crystals, 24k gold plated face, 9" leather band, Seiko Japan quartz watch.
Replica by Camrose & Kross.

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