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Jacqueline Kennedy Collection Multi-Strand Draping Necklace

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The seventies ushered in an entirely new look for women. The dress was more casual, the clothing became simpler in design, and the accessories were larger and more intricate.

This necklace was designed by Valentino and is believed to have been acquired by Jacqueline Kennedy in London in 1977. To this point in her life, most of her jewelry was heavily made with diamonds and other precious stones. Yet this necklace has none. Its beauty is achieved with design and component placement...perfection to Jackie.

During the latter part of the seventies, Jackie was again a widow, and she went to work in the publishing industry. Her method of dress had changed, not only because the times had changed, but because now she had to dress for work - not for luncheons, political dinners, and cocktail parties. Jackie went to work in the morning either by taxi or public transportation, made her own coffee in the office, and arranged her own meetings. Her life had completely changed.

Original: Jeweler's metal, glass bead pearls.

Replica: Jeweler's metal, hand-painted Czech glass pearls.

Measures approximately 30"L plus 3"L extender.
Replica by Camrose & Kross.

Item Price: $135.00
Member Price: $121.50