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Jacqueline Kennedy Collection
Castellani Wedding Bracelet

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Originally made in 1870, The Castellani Wedding Bracelet was created at the direction of the British Lord Layard by Augusto Castellani in Milan for Layard’s wife. Castellani was one of the greatest jewelry designers of Europe and created a saying that embodied the ultimate symbol of love and devotion:

NON RELINQUAM means “I will never give up on you.”
NON RELINQUES means “You will never give up on me.”

Castellani made only three of these bracelets.  The second was made for Gwendolyn Talbot, Princesse Borghese.  The third was commissioned for Princesse de Bogali of Milan by her husband.  The Princesse  died thirteen years prior to having the bracelet made.  As an eternal expression of his love, he paid Castellani three times the value of the bracelet to never make another.  He installed a portrait of his wife and the bracelet in an empty room in his home in Milan to honor her memory.  That room is still kept intact as he left it by their descendants.

The Borghese version went to auction in 1983. As a world traveler and sophisticated patron of the arts, Jacqueline Kennedy knew of the famous Castellani bracelets and always wanted one. She  waited a lifetime for her opportunity to acquire this exquisite piece – and she did for $170,000.

  • Original: 20k Italian gold, enameled mosaic. 
  • Replica: Gold plating, enameled stippled metal. 

It is 7 inches and comes with a 1 inch extender.
Replica by Camrose & Kross.

Item Price: $115.00
Member Price: $103.50