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BK- Donald and the ... & Donald Has a Diffficulty

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Tell a Friend
By Peter F. Neumeyer and Edward Gorey

2 hardcover  books (44 and 48 pages), each 6 ½ x 6 inches, packaged together for the first time in a sturdy slipcase.

Black-and-white illustrations by Edward Gorey.

Meet Donald, a little boy who has little adventures that to him are very big indeed.

In Donald and the . . ., Donald finds a crawly creature. His mother lets him keep it in a jar, but soon it disappears. Donald takes to bed with painful ribs. But when he’s all better, he looks in the jar and discovers a fine surprise.

In Donald Has a Difficulty, when Donald hurts his leg, his mother (as wise as she is kind) knows just what to do. And Donald learns what hurts and what doesn’t—and that surprises him, too.

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