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Rockin' Veggoe Peeler

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The Rock and Roll hand gesture \m/, or sticking only your pointer and pinkie up, is a very old gesture. It started as a way to ward off the devil, because it resembles the devils horns.

It became popular in rock and metal when Ronnie James Dio (2nd singer for Black Sabbath) started to use it on stage. Former Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne used to use the peace sign, and Dio didn't want to be cowed into copying the former singer. It quickly became Dio's trademark. Many other bands copied, and it became popular for the entire genre.

Also, it's sign language for "i love you" so if you were to be pointing it towards the band, it's showing respect.

Now it's in your kitchen as a bright red heavy metal (!) peeler.

ABS plastic with stainless blade, dishwasher safe.

Item Price: $10.00
Member Price: $9.00