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Jacqueline Kennedy Collection
Oval Ruby Earrings

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As Aristotle Onassis was preparing to marry Jacqueline Kennedy in October of 1968, he knew that the world was watching to see what he would give to her as a wedding gift.
He also knew that he did not have particularly sophisticated taste.
Onassis told Jacqueline to select her own wedding gift—and the sky was the limit on price.
She went to Van Cleef & Arpels in New York but could not narrow down her selection. She bought a four piece suite of flawless rubies (a ring, earrings, a necklace and a brooch) to show to Onassis and asked him to select his favorite. The first piece she showed him was the ring, and he exclaimed, “that’s the wedding gift!”. When she reminded him that he had not seen the other three, he told her he didn’t care and the ring would be the present.

When she asked him what to do with the rest of the suite he said she should keep them too.
The next day, Jackie told a friend, “I should have come back with six!”.
* Original: Gold, rubies, diamonds.
* Replica: Gold plate, Swarovski crystals.
.75" high. Replica by Camrose & Kross.

Item Price: $95.00
Member Price: $85.50