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Jacqueline Kennedy Collection 30" Triple Pearl Necklace

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This strand of pearls was inherited in 1957 by Jacqueline Kennedy from her mother, who bought it in the early 1920s. Designed by Coco Chanel, it had a very special clasp. Coco loved the clasp so much that she decided to stop using it on commercial jewelry in the late 1920s and only used it on her personal pieces for the rest of her life. The clasp became known as “Coco’s Rose”.
When Chanel died in 1971 she had no heirs, and most of her personal jewelry collection was donated to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Jackie’s original strand of pearls contains what is thought to be the last surviving public example of the Coco’s Rose clasp.

Original: Hand painted 8mm Czech glass pearls, base metal clasp.
Replica: Hand painted 8mm Czech glass pearls, rhodium plating.
Replica by Camrose & Kross.

Item Price: $180.00
Member Price: $162.00