NSO Administration

  • Rita Shapiro
    Executive Director
  • Nigel Boon
    Director of Artistic Planning
  • Krysta Cihi
    Assistant Manager of Production and Operations
  • Daryl Donley
    Production Manager
  • Amy Drew
    Operations and Outreach Coordinator
  • Justin Ellis
    Artistic Administrator

  • Nicholas Greer
    Assistant Librarian
  • James Hewitt
    Personnel Manager
  • Derek A. Johnson
    Marketing Manager
  • Rebecca Kier
    Manager of Individual Giving
  • Louise Niepoetter
    Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Stephen Planas
    Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Jennifer Renner
    Director of NSO Development
  • Rachelle Roe
    Director of Public Relations, NSO & Classical
  • Elizabeth Cusato Schnobrick
    Principal Librarian

  • Cynthia Pickett Steele
    Orchestra Manager
  • Susan Stokdyk
    Associate Librarian
  • Marina Styazhkina
    Executive Assistant to the Music Director
  • Donald Tillett
    Stage Manager
  • Clara Wallace
    Assistant Artistic Administrator
  • Warren G. Williams,III
    Manager of Community Relations
  • Carole Wysocki
    Director of NSO Education

The National Symphony Orchestra also warmly acknowledges the work of the following Kennedy Center areas:

  • Ellery Brown
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • David Kitto
    Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales
  • Robert van Leer
    Senior Vice President of Artistic Planning
  • Marie Mattson
    Senior Vice President of Development
  • Mario Rossero
    Senior Vice President of Education
  • Eileen Andrews
    Vice President of PublicRelations
  • Maria Kersten
  • Kathy Kruse
    Vice President of Institutional Affairs
  • Franci Phelan
    ChiefHumanResources Officer
  • Lynne Pratt
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Garth Ross
    Vice President of Community Engagement
  • Nicole Weaver
    Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Technology

Contact Information

  • National Symphony Orchestra
    John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
    2700 F Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20566
    Phone: 202-416-8100
    Fax: 202-416-8105

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 101510
    Arlington, VA 22210