2016 European Tour

European Tour: Traveling February 2 – 20, 2016

Eschenbach and orchestra

Madrid - Beckmesser

"The profound sound Eschenbach always strives for was especially evocative in the two movements of the Schubert Symphony, perhaps the best part of the concert, where he anticipates the shades with very clear gestures."

all of Eschenbach and orchestra

Madrid - La Nueva España

"Magnificent performance."

Eschenbach presenting the orchestra

Hamburg - Die Welt

"He began Beethoven's Seventh as a master of the steady hand. The musicians from the East coast responded to his relaxed, expert musical approach with taut inner tension."

"But the complete unleashing was reserved for the final Allegro con brio. The maestro developed a brilliant wave of buildups, lit the torch of joy - and confirmed Richard Wagner's vision of Beethoven's apotheosis of the dance."

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Eschenbach and orchestra

Hamburg - Hamburger Abendblatt

"The real star became apparent after the break: the interpretation of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony by Eschenbach and the NSO was so energetic that it took your breath away."

part of the orchestra

Hamburg - Hamburger Morgenpost

It was a summit meeting of classical music greats at the Laeiszhalle on Friday: top conductor Christoph Eschenbach and his National Symphony Orchestra Washington appeared with - as guest - his friend, the Chinese star pianist Lang Lang...The outstanding second half of the concert managed without piano, with Beethoven's Seventh Symphony.

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Lang Lang  on the piano

Luxembourg - Saarbrücker Zeitung

"The outstanding quality that the Washington orchestra and its music director have achieved in their five-year collaboration was…displayed [in] Schoenberg's arrangement of the Brahms Piano Quartet in G minor, however - luxuriantly rich tone and Hungarian color, played with enthusiasm and finesse - simply magnificent!"

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audiencs and the orchestra

Luxembourg - Wort

"...outstanding U.S. orchestra...The high technical standards of the NSO instrumentalists and Eschenbach's creative conducting guaranteed an exemplary Brahms-Schoenberg interpretation."

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Eschenbach walking out from the side stage

Munich - Münchner Merkur

"With flowing tempos and free from romantic ballast, he led his highly responsive orchestra through the first movement, choosing a clearly defined structure rather than mere effect. This was also apparent in the following movements, when the earthbound second was properly counterbalanced by the cheerfully carefree third. It was topped off with a vehemently onrushing finale."

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Eschenbach and the orchestra

Düsseldorf - Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

"The Washington musicians showed themselves at their best. In Wagner's Tannhäuser Overture they pulled out all the stops of a great, expansive orchestra. And they were impressive in Beethoven's Seventh Symphony - despite the wild tempo - with opulence and exquisite sound. Ovations for the musicians and Maestro Eschenbach."

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Eschenbach and the orchestra

Düsseldorf - Westdeutsche Zeitung

"America's National Symphony Orchestra from Washington not only accompanied the soloist but also proved to be a strong voice in its own right...a musically exciting concert, which was well received by the audience in the sold-out hall."

Lang Lang and the orchestra

Vienna - Kronen Zeitung

"The musicians skillfully performed Brahms's Piano Quartet No. 1 in Arnold Schoenberg's orchestration (1937). Clear lines, tonally well balanced in the many dense passages. One understands why Schoenberg spoke of Brahms's Fifth Symphony. Loud cheering!"

audiend and the orchestra

Vienna - Die Presse

"It crackled, seethed, and sizzled in the large orchestra from the start, so that one was reminded more of a souped-up motorcycle than a horse-drawn chariot - albeit heavenly. In Phaethon (1986), the US composer Christopher Rouse depicts the tragically ending ride of the youth in the sun chariot with exuberantly excessive vividness. Everything was in turmoil, horns whinnied, rattles clattered, hammers struck - an explosive opening for the appearance of the National Symphony Orchestra Washington under its music director, Christoph Eschenbach."

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the orchestra

Vienna - Der Standard

"The NSOW played fervently and colorfully, with Smetana as an encore. Warm enthusiasm."

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Berlin - Tagesspiegel Online

"Long lines, movingly intimate horns and trombones in the chorale. Music that flowed and never got bogged down. Magnificent."

Ruch Muzyczny

Wrocław - Ruch Muzyczny

"The world-class orchestra played with discipline and great authority."

test image

Wrocław - Kulturaonline.pl

"The NSO played superbly and proved the orchestra is one of the best orchestras in America."

Regensburg University

Regensburg - Regensburg University

The large orchestra played with marvelous cohesiveness and a strong feeling for dynamic contrasts and dramatic tension

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test image

Munich - Süddeutsche Zeitung

Light, flexible, brilliant: what is often criticized as superficiality in American orchestral playing was exploited to the full and transformed into wonderful music-making by Eschenbach.

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