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The National Symphony Orchestra
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At the invitation of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and the Vermont Arts Council, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has selected Vermont for its National Symphony Orchestra 2000 American Residency. An additional key partner in the project is the Vermont Alliance for Arts Education. The Residency is funded by the Kennedy Center through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The Residency will take place between April 24 and May 1, 2000. There will be 6 orchestral concerts - two of which are for school groups, all led by Music Director Leonard Slatkin.

[About the 2000 American Residency]
"The Residency is one of the cornerstones of the Kennedy Center's national education program," stated Kennedy Center President Lawrence J. Wilker, "and we are especially pleased to be invited by Vermont. Through many sources, ranging from the Vermont Congressional delegation - Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Jim Jeffords, and Congressman Bernie Sanders -- to Sandra Stillman Gartner of our President's Advisory Committee on the Arts, we hear wonderful things about Vermont's thriving arts organizations. We're honored to have it become the first Residency state of the new century."

"It has been pretty difficult for us to keep a lid on this exciting project since we first learned of its possibility last spring. The National Symphony Orchestra's 2000 American Residency is an extraordinary chance to experience the thrill and beauty of a live performance by one of the country's leading major orchestras," announced Alan Jordan, Executive Director of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. "We hope many residents of and visitors to Vermont will take advantage of this 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity."

"The National Symphony Orchestra coming to Vermont for five concerts plus school outreach activities is quite simply breathtaking," added Alexander L. Aldrich, Executive Director of the Vermont Arts Council. "From this tour, we anticipate a tremendous surge of interest in classical instrumental music throughout Vermont, especially from young people who meet with the musicians. This is Vermont's musical future we're inspiring here!"

"The nationwide interest in this project - which is unique to the National Symphony Orchestra -- is a tribute to the musicians who, in addition to performing full orchestral concerts, bring their love of music and their expertise to one-on-one sessions with students, teachers and audience members," added Robert C. Jones, President of the National Symphony Orchestra and Vice-President of Music for the Kennedy Center. "Without their commitment, the Residencies would not be the extraordinary experiences they have become. Each Residency is distinctive, and we look forward to working with our colleagues in Vermont to create the 2000 American Residency program."

"The Vermont Alliance for Arts Education is delighted to be working with the National Symphony Orchestra in the selection of students to audition for their Summer Music Institute and the selection of the teacher for the NSO's Fellowship Program," contributed Anne Taylor, Executive Director of the Vermont Alliance for Arts Education. "We also look forward to helping the VSO establish Residency activities around the state."

[Residency Follow-up Activities]
Composer Commission.
A Vermont composer will be selected to receive a commission to create a chamber music composition to be premiered by members of the National Symphony Orchestra. In-state coordinator for the project will be the Vermont Arts Council.

Summer Music Institute. Since 1992, the Kennedy Center/NSO Summer Music Institute -- a training program for young orchestral musicians (ages 14-20) from across the country -- has welcomed students annually for three weeks of study, rehearsal and coaching sessions. As part of the American Residency, up to six students from Vermont will be chosen to receive scholarships to the 2000 Summer Music Institute. Students are selected by taped audition. In-state coordinator for the project will be the Vermont Alliance for Arts Education.

Teacher Fellowship. A Vermont music teacher will be selected by the Vermont Alliance for Arts Education to further his or her professional development in an individually designed program to take place in Washington, D.C., under the auspices of the National Symphony Orchestra of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

[Schedule Highlights]

Representatives from the National Symphony Orchestra are currently working with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and the Vermont Arts Council to determine the complete Residency schedule. The following schedule of full orchestral concerts is confirmed and constitutes the core of the Residency. All time periods not involving the full orchestra are expected to include education, outreach, and chamber music activities.

Mon., April 24: Travel to Vermont
Tues., April 25: Full Orchestral Concert
Manchester Elementary School Gymnasium, Manchester, VT
Presented by Southern Vermont Arts Center
Wed., April 26: Two National Symphony Orchestras Young People's Concerts
Brattleboro Union High School Gymnasium, Brattleboro VT
Co-presented by Brattleboro Music Center and Pentangle Council on the Arts
Thurs., April 27: Full Orchestral Concert
Plumley Armory, Norwich Union, Northfield, VT
Presented by Norwich University, with support from Northfield Savings
Fri., April 28: Full Orchestral Concert
College of St. Joseph College Gymnasium, Rutland, VT
Presented by Crossroads Arts Council
Sat., April 29: Full Orchestral Concert
Memorial Auditorium, Burlington, VT
Presented by Vermont Symphony Orchestra
Sun., April 30: Main Group of Orchestra Travels to Washington, DC
Outreach Events by Remaining Members
Mon., May 1: Outreach Events
Remaining Orchestra Members Travel to Washington, DC

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