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The National Symphony Orchestra

[Soundtracks: Music and Film.]

At the movies, nothing heightens the suspense, enhances the romance, and ratchets up the thrills more than the music. From the earliest days of the cinema, filmmakers have turned to composers to help bring their art to life. Now you can hear that music performed as part of this new National Symphony Orchestra festival co-directed by Leonard Slatkin and preeminent film composer John Williams.

[A Portrait of John Williams January 23 and February 1.]

WILLIAMS - For Seiji
WILLIAMS - Five Sacred Trees: Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra
WILLIAMS - "Flight to Neverland" from Hook
WILLIAMS - Excerpts from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
WILLIAMS - "Shark Cage Fugue" from Jaws
WILLIAMS - Theme from Schindler's List
WILLIAMS - March from Raiders of the Lost Ark
WILLIAMS - "Adventures on Earth" from E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial

John Williams, conducting (January 23)
Leonard Slatkin, conducting (February 1)
Sue Heineman, bassoon

The first half of each concert features a sampling of John Williams' dynamic compositions for the concert hall. The second half highlights his spectacular film scores.

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[Made in Hollywood January 23.]
COPLAND - The Red Pony
BERNSTEIN - Symphonic Suite from On the Waterfront
NEWMAN - Twentieth Century Fox Trademark
NEWMAN - "Conquest" from Captain of Castine
NEWMAN - Excerpts from Wuthering Heights
BERNSTEIN - Theme from The Magnificent Seven
RASKIN - Excerpts from The Bad and the Beautiful
HERRMANN - Theme from Citizen Kane
HERRMANN - Love Theme from Vertigo
GOLDSMITH - Excerpts from The Blue Max
STEINER - Excerpts from Gone With The Wind

Leonard Slatkin, conducting and commentary
John Williams, conducting and commentary

Experience the musical evolution of the American cinema, in a concert that spans from the early beginnings of movie studios to Hollywood's golden age.

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[In Synch: How do they do it? January 25]

Leonard Slatkin, conducting

From silent films and subtitles, to click-tracks and streamers, to today's technological marvels, get an inside look at the history and art of synchronizing music to the movies—in a fascinating evening that combines commentary, soundtracks, live performance, and film clips.

*Free post-concert AfterWords discussion hosted by Leonard Slatkin   More DetailsBuy Tickets
[The European Aesthetic January 30.]
SAINT-SAENS - L'Assassinat du Duc de Guise Music from the Film, Op. 128
HONEGGER - Pacific 231 Mouvement symphonique No. 1
SHOSTAKOVICH - Selections from Hamlet Film Suite, Op. 116
WALTON - Selections from Henry V

Leonard Slatkin, conducting
The Choral Arts Society of Washington, Norman Scribner, music director

Beginning with the first score ever written, Leonard Slatkin takes you on a journey through milestones in European film music.

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[Metropolis January 31.]
SCHOENBERG - Transfigured Night, Opus 4
SCHOENBERG - Chamber Symphony No. 1, Opus 9b
SCHOENBERG - Chamber Symphony No. 2, Opus 38
GRIEG - Holberg Suite, Opus 40
BARTOK - Divertimento for String Orchestra
Allegro non troppo Molto adagio Allegro assai
WAGNER - Siegfried Idyll
STRAUSS - Metamorphosen A Study for 23 Solo Strings

Please note: There will be no late seating. No one will be allowed in the Concert Hall once the performance begins—please arrive early.

Leonard Slatkin, conducting

TV/film producer, historian, and cinematic detective John Goberman premiers his newly compiled score for director Fritz Lang's 1926 cinematic masterpiece Metropolis. An abbreviated version of the film will be shown with live music by composers from the silent film period.

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