National Symphony Orchestra Association Board of Directors
Christoph Eschenbach - Music Director

The NSO Board of Directors is comprised of civic, business, cultural and philanthropic leaders with interests in the Washington metropolitan area. The NSO Board is the governing body of the National Symphony Orchestra and helps to direct and carry out the artistic mission of the NSO. The Board meets four times annually and participates in many social functions and events with NSO Musicians and guest artists throughout the year.


  • Mrs. Jeanne Weaver Ruesch - Chairman
  • Mr. Terry D. McCallister - President
  • Ms. Anne K. Altman - Treasurer
  • Mrs. Linda Bell Mercuro - Secretary
  • Mr. Earl W. Stafford, Sr. - Vice President, Community Development
  • Mrs. Cherrie W. Doggett - Vice President, Development and Special Events
  • Ms. Joan Bialek - Vice President, Nomination and Membership
  • Executive Committee
    (Composed of the officers of the Association and the following)

    • Dr. Christine Dingivan
    • Ms. Thelma Duggin
    • Mrs. Ann B. Friedman
    • Mrs. Irene Pollin
    • Mr. Roger W. Sant
    • Mrs. Tina B. Small

    (in addition to officers and members of executive committee)

    • Mr. Ronald D. Abramson
    • Mr. Martin K. Alloy
    • Mr. Norman Bernstein
    • Mr. Michael F. Brewer
    • Mrs. Jane Lipton Cafritz
    • Mrs. Patricia Carroll, ex officio
    • Mrs. Rose Carter
    • The Hon. John K. Delaney
    • Ms. Debbie Driesman
    • Mr. J. Edward Fowler, Lifetime Dir.
    • The Hon. Barbara H. Franklin
    • Mrs. Norma Lee Funger
    • Mrs. Phyllis Gerstell
    • Mr. Michael L. Golden
    • Ms. Helen Lee Henderson
    • Ms. Helen Jackson
    • Mrs. Sydney McNiff Johnson
    • Mrs. Ann D. Jordan
    • Dr. Steven Knapp
    • Mrs. Elise Gelman Lefkowitz
    • Mr. Noel Levine
    • Mrs. Mary P. Marsh, Lifetime Dir.
    • The Hon. Doris O. Matsui
    • Mr. Michael Mayton, ex officio
    • Mrs. Cathy McCulloch
    • Mr. Mark A. Moore
    • Mr. Richard Moxley
    • Ms. Barbara Mullenex
    • Mrs. Pat Munroe
    • Mrs. Maria Benilde Ortiz
    • Dr. Annette U. Rickel
    • Mr. James E. Rogers
    • Ms. Patricia B. Sagon
    • Mrs. Constance Milstein de La Haye St. Hilaire
    • Mr. Michael Salzberg
    • Mrs. Martha Schwieters
    • The Hon. Leonard L. Silverstein
    • Mrs. Leonard L. Silverstein
    • Mr. Albert H. Small

National Symphony Orchestra National Trustees

The National Trustees are an important resourcefor the National Symphony Orchestra.They provide financial support for the Orchestra's education programs,projects, and national and international touring programs.  Additionally, they offer counsel to the Boardof Directors in matters regarding the national and international scope of theOrchestra's activities.


Chairman:  Mr. Michael Mayton, AR
President: Dr. Gail Charnley Elliott, CT
Secretary: Mrs. Anne Russell, TN
Treasurer & VicePresident, Development Committee: Ms. Victoria Stack, VA
Vice-President, Membership & Communications Committee: Mrs. Karyn Kennedy Herterich, NC
Vice-President, Summer Music Institute, Programs & Outreach Committee: Mrs.Carol Cobb Rochford, TN
Vice-President,S pecial Events & Meetings Committee: Ms. Theresa Thompson, VA


Ex-Officio Positions
Chairman Emeritus: Mr. Noel Levine, NY
Past Chairman: Ms.Jessine Monaghan, District of Columbia
Past Chairman:  Mrs. Mary K. Abercrombie, ID
Past Chairman:  Mrs. Noémi Neidorff, MO


Ms. Margaret L. Baldwin, CA
Mr. Michael Brewer,
District of Columbia
Mrs. Rosana Butler, NY
Ms. Shirley Chann, AZ
Mrs. Jeri Scudder Crawford, NV
Ms. Nancy J. Davis*, FL
Ms. Maureen Dingivan, NC
Mr. John Farrer, NM
Mrs. Mary Galvin, IL
Mrs. Seeme Hasan, CO
Mr. Morgan K. Herterich*, SC
Mrs. Margaret Johnston*, CT
Mr. Khaled Juffali, Saudi Arabia
Mrs. Carolyn June Kaplan, MD
Mrs. Lou C. Kerr, OK
Mrs. Deanna Rhodes-Tanner, FL
Ms. Melody Sawyer Richardson, OH
Mrs. Patty Levaur Rome, CA
Mr. Jerome  F.Trautschold*, FL
Mr. Timothy J. Volk,IL
Mr. Marvin Williams, TX
Mr. John Wohlstetter*,  SC
Mr.David Worby, NY
Ms. Ilene Zatkin-Butler, NY

*Executive Committee

Contact Information

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    2700 F Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20566
    Phone: 202-416-8100
    Fax: 202-416-8105

    Mailing Address:
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