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Partner Contacts

The Kennedy Center collaborates with arts organizations across the United States to assist with recruitment for the SMI project. These organizations are listed alphabetically by state. For states not listed, there is no local partner. Contact the Kennedy Center NSO Education Program with any questions: (202) 416-8820.

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Alabama Alliance for Arts Education
Donna Russell, Executive Director
(334) 269-1435

Alaska Arts Education Consortium (AAEC)
Debbie Harris, AAEC Board and Alliance Advisor
(907) 283-7663

Arizona Alliance for Arts Education
Rod Castillo, President
(480) 308-7350

Arkansas Music Educators Association
Patricia Oeste, President
(501) 733-3129

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California Alliance for Arts Education
Jennifer Wong, Development and Operations Manager
(626) 578-9315

Colorado:Think 360 Arts Complete Education
Molly Burke Lawson, Marketing and Social Media
(720) 904-8890 ext. 106

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Florida Alliance for Arts Education
Susan Burke, Executive Director
(407) 488-9951

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Hawaii Arts Alliance
Carlynn Wolfe, Administrative Assistant
(808) 533-2787

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Idaho: Boise Philharmonic
Nancy Smith, Education & Outreach Director
(208) 344-7849

Illinois Music Educators Association
Darcy Nendza, Executive Director
(708) 479-4000

Iowa Alliance for Arts Education
Leon Kuehner, Executive Board Member
(641) 456-5580

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Kansas Music Educators Association
Russell Pieken
(913) 620-5579

Kentucky Arts Council
Tamara Coffey, Individual Artist Director
(502) 564-3757 ext. 479

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Louisiana Partnership for the Arts
Pat Widhalm, Vice Chair for Education
(318) 357-2520

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Maine Alliance for Arts Education
Carol Trimble, Executive Director
(207) 667-7707

Massachusetts: Arts | Learning
Jonathan C. Rappaport, Executive Director
(508) 650-5044

Michigan: Art Serve Michigan
Mike Latvis, Director of Public Policy
(248) 912-0760 ext. 6

Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education
Penny Wallin, Executive Director
(601) 310-1095

Missouri Alliance for Arts Education
Robert M. Gifford, Chair
(573) 335-1866

Montana: String Orchestra of the Rockies
Alayne Dolson, Executive Director
(406) 549-2984

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Nebraskans for the Arts
Marjorie Maas, Director
(402) 595-2125

Nevada Alliance for Arts Education
Jill Berryman, President
(775) 224-4391

New York State Alliance for Arts Education
Jeremy Johannesen, Executive Director
(518) 474-4589

North Carolina: ARTS North Carolina
Karen Wells, Executive Director
(919) 834-1411

North Dakota Alliance for Arts Education
Tasha Haug, Board Director
(701) 235-5725

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Ohio Alliance for Arts Education
Donna S. Collins, Executive Director
(614) 224-1060

Oklahoma Alliance for Arts Education
Anne Guevara, Chair
(405) 787-1140 x2475

Oregon Alliance for Arts Education
Beth Unverzagt, Chair
(503) 689-1656

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Pennsylvania Alliance for Arts Education
John Broomall, Executive Director
(610) 564-0002

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Rhode Island Alliance for Arts Education
Leland Brown, Board Member RIAAE
(401) 789-3184

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South Carolina Alliance for Arts Education
Eve Walling-Wohlford, Executive Director
(864) 388-8235

South Dakotans for the Arts
Shari Kosel, Program Director
(605) 722-1467
(605) 584-1222

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Tennessee Alliance for Arts Education
Robert Elliott, President
(615) 963-5341

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Utah: Salt Lake City School District
Rosanne G. Henderson, Supervisor of Fine Arts
(801) 578-8297

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Vermont Alliance for Arts Education
Gary Moreau, Treasurer
(802) 879-1731

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Washington: ArtsEd Washington
Rebekah Drapkin, Development and Communications Assistant
(206) 441-4501

West Virginia: Appalachian Education Initiative
Lourdes Karas, Executive Director
(304) 336-8162

Wisconsin School Music Association
Theresa McKinley, Director of Technology Services
(608) 850-3566

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