Spotlight on Directors

Sundance Institute: Theater from Palestine: Where Can I Find Someone Like You Ali?

Sundance Institute: Theater by Palestinians: Where Can I Find Someone Like You, Ali?

Fri, Mar 24, 2017, 7:30 PM

In collaboration with the Sundance Institute, this U.S. premiere is written, produced, and performed by Raeda Taha, daughter of Ali Taha. In painful candor, she faces loss, the reality of being an orphan, and the absence of a father who can never be replaced, while turning the women of her family into real-life heroines.

The Petrol Station

Sulayman Al Bassam: Petrol Station

Mar 24 - Mar 26, 2017

Internationally acclaimed Anglo-Kuwaiti writer/director Sulayman Al Bassam returns to the Kennedy Center with a compelling drama that uses the setting of a deserted petrol station as a poetic space to explore the dysfunctions that arise from the chaos of oppression.

Creative Tensions: HOME

Sundance Institute: Creative Tensions: HOME

Sat, Mar 25, 2017, 2:00 PM

In this interactive collaboration with the Sundance Institute, "audience" members reveal where they stand on issues related to the concept of "home" by virtue of where they stand in a room. This eye-opening and inspiring live experience is guided by a moderator and provoked by "Protagonist" experts who approach the topic from different perspectives.

Peter Brook Battlefield

Peter Brook's Battlefield

Mar 29 - Apr 2, 2017

Legendary director Peter Brook takes subject matter from his landmark production of The Mahabharata to stage this new play, in which a family is torn apart by war and trying to make sense of the horrors they've experienced... and perpetrated.

Maly Drama Theatre: Three Sisters

Maly Drama Theatre: Three Sisters

Apr 26 - Apr 30, 2017

Lev Dodin, regarded as one of the world's finest directors, and Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg, one of Russia's premier theater companies, present this luminous and emotionally raw retelling of Chekhov's masterpiece.