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Arabesque: Arts of the Arab World

Watch, Listen, & Learn

Marcel Khalife and Al Mayadine Ensemble

Watch Marcel Khalifé in performance

One of the most celebrated Arab musicians and composers, oud player Marcel Khalifé and his group pay tribute to the late contemporary Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, who was a great influence on Khalifé's music.

Richard III: An Arab Tragedy

Watch an excerpt from Richard III: An Arab Tragedy Watch a behind-the-scenes look at Richard III: An Arab Tragedy

In this world of tribal allegiances, family in-fighting, and absolute power, the questions of leadership, religion, and foreign intervention at the heart of Shakespeare's play take on powerful new meanings in a modern Arab-Islamic context.

Alive from Palestine: Stories Under Occupation

Watch an excerpt from Alive from Palestine

Created by Palestinian artists as a response to the conflict in their homeland, Alive from Palestine features actors from the Al-Kasaba Theater & Cinematheque in Ramallah telling their diverse life stories.

Compagnie Thor: D'ORIENT

Watch an excerpt of Compagnie Thor in D’ORIENT

Belgium's Compagnie Thor makes its DC debut with Artistic Director and choreographer Thierry Smits's D'ORIENT, born out of his passion for the Middle East.

Cie La BARAKA: Allegoria Stanza

Watch an interview with Cie La Baraka’s Artisitic Director Abou Lagraa

Cie La BARAKA makes its D.C. premiere under the artistic direction of choreographer Abou Lagraa, fusing hip-hop, contemporary dance, and multimedia visuals to stunning effect.

Ensemble Al-Kindi with Sheikh Habboush and the Whirling Dervishes of Aleppo, Syria

Watch an excerpt of Ensemble Al-Kindi with Sheikh Habboush and the Whirling Dervishes of Aleppo, Syria

Syria's Ensemble Al-Kindi, currently rated among the best groups devoted to classical Arab music, joins with the Whirling Dervishes of Aleppo for an evening of music and dance.