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2003 Festival Performers
2002 Festival Performers
2001 Festival Performers
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Resources for Women in Jazz

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2001 Festival Performers

Genevieve Rose | Joyce Di Camillo | Jane Monheit | Laura Dreyer | Nancie Banks
Annette Aguilar | Jazzberry Jam! | String of Pearls | Cindy Blackman Quartet
Sathima Bea Benjamin | Tania Maria | Karen Briggs | Gloria Coleman

2000 Festival Performers

Deanna Witkowski | Claire Daly Quartet | Sherrie Maricle and Five Play | Flora Purim
Marian McPartland
| Jane Ira Bloom Quartet | Kitty Margolis | Sylvia Cuenca Group
Joanne Brackeen Trio | Nicole Yarling 4-Tet


1999 Festival Performers

Ernestine Anderson | Jamie Baum | Jeri Brown | Ingrid Jensen | Nancy Marano | Rebeca Mauleon | Rachel Z
Lee Shaw | Cecilia Smith | Roseanna Vitro | Diva - No Man's Band
Resources for Women in Jazz

Connecting Voices

This informative site provides information on joining a musicians' union, related healthcare issues, technique and tips on networking and information. The site has not been updated since the Summer of 1998, however the content seems to be useful. There is also an interesting editorial, entitled "What it Takes to Go Solo."
Drummergirl - For women who drum
This fun, wacky and comprehensive web site is the be-all, end-all to everything female drummer related! It has a chat area, interviews with musicians, a "drum lab", a list of events, directory of drummers, and great links.
Femina Web Search for Women
One of the many sites "for by and about women." This site provides a decent list of links to other jazz websites for women as well as links to many female jazz musician's web pages. They have an online discussion area and a calendar of events which highlights important conferences, grant application deadlines and festivals.
Jazmin, All Women, All Jazz
This site hosts and promotes women jazz instrumentalists in the San Francisco Bay area. It appears to be a free service.
Jazz Grrls
This is essentially a list of links to the web pages of women in jazz.
National Network for Women in Music
This is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting the recognition of women in music through education and networking resources. Their goal is to "help encourage and support the activities of women in all areas of music". By joining, (membership costs $75/year or $35/year for students) you will have access to other women in the profession, access to online resources, information about events, lectures and seminars, business advice, discounted advertising space and networking tips.
She's Got the Beat
This is an informal site for women in music to network, join in an online discussion area, and find other links. It is still being developed and welcomes any suggestions from musicians.
This is an Internet mailing list dedicated to supporting women Web designers. It has created an online community of talented women who come together to share information, resources, tips and concerns about developing Web sites.
Webgrrls International
This is a must-visit site. It provides a forum for women interested in new media and technology to network, exchange job and business leads, form strategic alliances, mentor and teach, intern and learn the skills needed in succeeding in the technology world. It's greatest feature is the local chapter information -- you can find other Webgrrls in your local area to network face-to-face with.
Women in Jazz (Austin)
Based in Austin, Texas, this site offers professional development for female jazz vocalists and aims to provide a professional setting in which jazz artists can share their talents with primarilly Austin audiences.
Women on Air
This is the online information site about"Women in Music with Laney Goodman." It provides information about the live radio show out of Boston. The show airs a variety of music by women, including jazz and is aired on more than 50 public radio stations throughout the U.S.
Women of Note Quarterly Online
Women of Note Quarterly is a print magazine which features articles about historical and contemporary women composers. This site provides an online table of contents of their current and past issues, but does not offer the full text articles. Information on how to obtain the articles can be found here.

General Jazz Resources

Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM)
This non-profit group, based on the South Side of Chicago, is all about nurturing creative musicianship on every level.

Jazz Idiom Ltd
"Founded by musician/educator Gene Esposito, its purpose is to present, teach, and perpetuate the idioms of Jazz.... have produced nineteen concerts featuring forty ensembles with some two hundred performers, including musicians, singers and dancers." Has presented major concerts featuring the music of Billy Strayhorn and is currently working on an audio/video presentation. Also sponsors scholarships for music students.

Jazz Journalists Association
A new site of an international group of professional writers, editors, radio and television broadcasters, photographers and filmmakers who institute, support and promote collegial and educational programs regarding the appreciation, analysis, documentation, and promulgation of jazz. Included is a wide-ranging, growing body of articles by members, with opportunity for comment from others. Photography, meeting notices and membership information are presented.

Jazz Online
Jazz Online is a commercial interactive network devoted to jazz. The site aims to broaden the jazz audience by providing information in a variety of ways: through an interactive discussion area, a FAQ page and links. They also provide a variety of promotional and marketing programs specifically designed for record labels, artists and advertisers.

NPR Jazz Profiles
National Public Radio's web site of their weekly show. Good archives and interviews.

Verve Interactive

This site offers information on new releases, tour schedules and dates. It provides an extensive list of artist biographies and information on purchasing their music.
WolfHollow Records
This site claims to be the first virtual record label. They work directly with jazz artists (and others) to promote, distribute and coordinate marketing with other established labels. They encourage artists to send them a demo tape, biography and photographs which they will use for promotion. WolfHollow also works with jazz preservation societies to bring its young artists to music festivals around the world. They are based in Claremont, California.