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Millennium Stage Performance Archive
April 1999

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April 29, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The Central High School Band performs a concert. ALABAMA STATE DAY
Featured Artist(s): Central High School Band

April 28, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The Walnut Memorial Baptist Church Sanctuary choir performs spirituals and gospel selections. KENTUCKY STATE DAY
Featured Artist(s): Walnut Memorial Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir

April 27, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The WGMS 103.5 Young Artists in the Community program showcases young talent on classical works.
Featured Artist(s): WGMS 103.5 Young Artists in the Community

April 25, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Michael Fath's Le Jazz performs jazz, bebop, blues and rockabilly.
Featured Artist(s): Michael Fath

April 24, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The Josh Dodes Band performs New York's high-energy funk rock.
Featured Artist(s): The Josh Dodes Band

April 21, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Ron Kramer performs solo on piano from his broad musical repertiore.
Featured Artist(s): Ron Kramer

April 20, 1999 - Watch this Performance

La Rondinella performs both Ladino songs and songs from the Spanish Renaissance.
Featured Artist(s): La Rondinella

April 19, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Mary Sue Twohy and Rebecca McCabe perform their original compositions. WRITERS NIGHT
Featured Artist(s): Rebecca McCabe

April 18, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The J Street Jumpers perform a combination of swing, bebop and straight-on jazz.
Featured Artist(s): The J Street Jumpers

April 17, 1999 - Watch this Performance

This performance features an exhibition of martial arts and the mystical and symbolic dragon dance.
Featured Artist(s): The Yahya Awal Deagon Dance Troupe and Michael Ek Eng Guam

April 16, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The Sycamore High School Orchestra performs a concert of classical and popular music.
Featured Artist(s): Sycamore High School Orchestra

April 15, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The Myles Family performs a gospel concert. MISSISSIPPI STATE DAY
Featured Artist(s): The Myles Family

April 14, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The SkyLite Jazz band from the Savanah Arts Academy performs jazz standards. GEORGIA STATE DAY
Featured Artist(s): SkyLite Jazz Band

April 13, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Brotherhood performs a cappella rock, pop and gospel. FLORIDA STATE DAY
Featured Artist(s): Brotherhood

April 12, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Tom Teasley performs in various musical styles on percussion instruments.
Featured Artist(s): Tom Teasley

April 11, 1999 - Watch this Performance

John Malino and the Swing Society performs big band, rock and country cabaret.
Featured Artist(s): John Malino and the Swing Society

April 10, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The Radford University Percussion/Marimba Ensemble performs original, traditional and contemporary percussion pieces.
Featured Artist(s): The Radford University Percussion/Marimba Ensemble

April 9, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Matsuriza, a popular attraction at Walt Disney's Epcot Center, performs on traditional taiko drums.
Featured Artist(s): Matsuriza

April 8, 1999 - Watch this Performance

David Brown uses the expressive and harmonic density of the marimba in a solo performance.
Featured Artist(s): David Brown

April 7, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Broto Roy joins his Mukti drum ensemble for a concert incorporating conch shells, Western drums and Indian percussion.
Featured Artist(s): Broto Roy Ensemble

April 5, 1999 - Watch this Performance

The Langriose Trio performs music for violin, viola and cello.
Featured Artist(s): Langriose Trio

April 4, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Sol y Canto musically maps Latin America performing Puerto Rico's bonba, Colombia's cumbia, Cuba's son and Spain's flamico.
Featured Artist(s): Sol y Canto

April 3, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Daniel Soergel, Shakuhachi Master, performs haunting and meditative bamboo flute.
Featured Artist(s): Daniel Nyochaku Soergel

April 2, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Acoustic/electric guitarist David Hamburger performs inventive folk music using the guitar, dobro and pedal steel.
Featured Artist(s): David Hamburger

April 1, 1999 - Watch this Performance

Washington, D.C. pianist Marcus Johnson meshes hip hop, jazz, funk and rap. INITIAL DAILY LIVE INTERNET BROADCAST:
Special performance for the 2nd anniversary of the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage.

Featured Artist(s): Marcus Johnson

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