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The Dinosaur Within
State Theater Company Austin, TX

Stolen dinosaur footprints set off an epic story in which aboriginal Australians collide with falling movie stars; real time meets dreamtime meets movie time; a wild bird attempts to increase its wingspan by getting in touch with its inner dinosaur; a father tries to find his missing son through fossil remains; a boomerang spins around the earth; and a young reporter does her best to get to the bottom of it all.



Pork Pie
Denver Center Theatre Company Denver, CO

A mythical jazz fable, Pork Pie is the Bebop cool storytelling of a young man's search for what turns out to be his father. The search takes him to a club called the Pork Pie Hat Bar. In this place, one step in the soil leaves you only one way out - a cutting contest with the greatest jazz champion of them all.



Waving Goodbye
Naked Eye Theatre Chicago, IL

Waving Goodbye is the story of Lily Blue, a 17 year-old photographer who loses her father in a mountain climbing accident, and must spend her 17th year with the mother who abandoned her. A play of loss, grief, change, making art, wishing things were different, being stalled, finding love, not turning into your mother, and the irrevocable moments after which nothing is ever the same.



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