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My Other Heart

Northlight Theatre, Evanston, IL

Upon landing in "the new world," Columbus was met by the Guaraos Indians, a gentle people whose word for friend was "my other heart." My Other Heart charts the unlikely friendship between the Spanish wife of one of Columbus' navigators and the enslaved Guaraos woman he presents to her as a gift. Set against the backdrop of the Spanish Inquisition, My Other Heart dramatizes the clash between old and new worlds through one woman's awakening to her true identity. Despite its period setting and basis in fact, My Other Heart is not simply a forgotten chapter in history; instead, it uses the past as a prism to spread light upon relations between cultures, genders, and religions.

Martha Boesing founded At the Foot of the Mountain, a professional women's theater located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she served as Artistic Director for ten years. Prior to that, Boesing was a core member of the Firehouse Theatre Company, librettist for the Minnesota Opera Company, playwright-in-residence at Atlanta's Academy Theater, core member of the Playwright's Center, and a writer/director for In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater of Minneapolis, San Francisco's A Traveling Jewish Theater, and Minneapolis' Environmental Theater Project. She has authored more than 30 scripts and librettos, all of which have been produced throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and Australia; nine have been published. She has lectured, taught classes in playwriting and acting, led workshops, and been the subject of essays, articles, and books relating to her work as a leading feminist theater artist. Boesing resides in Minneapolis, where she is currently working on two plays and a book.

Director: Russell Vandenbroucke
Set Designer: Mary Griswold
Lighting Designer: Rita Pietraszek
Costume Designer: Linda Roethke
Original Music, Sound Designer, and Music Direction: Malcolm Ruhl
Puppet Designer: Sandy Speiler
Featured Performers: Michael Guido, Jenna Ward, Bruce Orendorf, Diane Houghton, Shanesia Davis, and Rick Muelder
Running dates: February 9-March 13, 1994

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