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An Epidog

Mabou Mines, New York, NY

An Epidog is the third in a trilogy of epic plays called "Animations," which began with A Dog's Life. As with the earlier "Animations," An Epidog is a collaborative work involving the contributions of designer Julie Archer, composer Ushio Torikai, and the company of performers including Ruth Maleczech, Frederick Neumann, Clover Calilee, and Terry O'Reilly. An Epidog, based on the Chinese and South Indian models, is narrative in nature, utilizing music, storytelling, dance, and a long sequence of classical Japanese Bunraku puppetry. Prior to An Epidog, the story dealt with the tragic romance of John and Rose—a man and his dog. John, a pot-head experimental filmmaker right out of the 1960s, and Rose "bond" at their first meeting when Rose is a puppy. As An Epidog begins we find Rose, now dead, in the "Buddhist Bardo"—the after-death plane between incarnations.

Lee Breuer, co-founder and co-artistic director of Mabou Mines, is an award-winning writer, director, performer, and producer. His adaptations and direction of the works of Samuel Beckett received wide critical acclaim, including three Obie awards. He is the author/director of the trilogy "Animations" (published in 1979 by Performing Arts Journal Publications), of which Part III, The Shaggy Dog, was awarded the Obie for best play in 1978. Breuer's most recent production with Mabou Mines was a gender-reversed adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear, which received international attention and acclaim, and won four Obies for performance. The recipient of numerous grants, awards, and fellowships from CAPS, the National Endowment for the Arts, Guggenheim Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and others, Breuer has also taught theater arts at Harvard and Yale Universities and other schools across the country.

Puppet Director: Barbara Pollitt
Set Designer: Julie Archer
Virtual Set Designer: Karen Ten Eyck
Lighting Designer: Julie Archer
Costume Designer: Mary Bishop
Sound Designer: Edward Cosla
Composer: Ushio Torikai
Featured Performers: Ruth Malaczech, David Neumann, Terry O'Reilly, Bina Sharif, Xin Zhang
Running Dates: January 10-February 4, 1995

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