Fund for New American Plays

The Rhino's Policeman
Northlight Theatre, Evanston, IL

The Rhino's Policeman tells the story of an American freelance reporter who visits Zambia to write about the big-game poaching of endangered species. There he discovers the complexities of wildlife conservation—and gets in way over his head. The young journalist must test his politically correct ideals against the painful choices faced by Africa's preservationists: How do you justify saving the lives of animals if it means killing the desperately poor Africans who see poaching as a means for their own survival?

Playwright Rick Cleveland, a founding member of American Blues Theater, is a past playwright-in-residence at Victory Gardens Theatre. In addition, he was selected to attend the National Playwright's Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. His other works include Dogman's Last Stand and Kids in the Dark, both produced at Victory Gardens; Bad Moon produced by American Blues at the Goodman Studio; and Buffalo Boys.

Director: B.J. Jones
Set and Lighting Designer: Michael S. Philippi, USAA
Costume Designer: Mary Griswold
Sound Designer: David Zerlin
Featured Performers: Greg Vinkler, Kevin Crowley, Michael Nash, Ed Wheeler, Byron Stewart, Johanna McKay, Ernest Perry, Jr., and Ron Dortch
Running Dates: April 9-May 17, 1992

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