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Wilma Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

The action of Incommunicado takes place in Italy immediately following World War II. Arrested in Italy by the liberating U.S. troops, the famous expatriate poet Ezra Pound is imprisoned and treated like an animal--which many people consider him to be. At issue are some 84 wartime broadcasts which Pound had made on Italian radio--broadcasts which, while purporting to discuss economic theory, were in fact rabid anti-Semitic diatribes. Scornful of his captors, Pound takes delight in taunting them with his immense erudition and intelligence. Unrepentant at his incarceration, Pound bends only when speaking with a fellow prisoner, an African-American G.I. awaiting execution. Seemingly unassailable in his isolated brilliance and paranoia, Pound is shaken--but only momentarily--when confronted with this evidence of the Nazi death camps.

Tom Dulack is the author of a dozen plays, including Solomon's Child, Diminished Capacity, Breaking Legs, Capital Crimes, Bright Wings, and Catherine. His plays have been produced on Broadway, Off-Broadway, at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, the Old Globe, the GeVa in Rochester, NY, the National Theatre in Brussels, and at the Kennedy Center. Dulack is also the author of four books and a screenplay for HBO. In addition to his playwriting, Dulack teaches courses in dramatic literature at the Waterbury Campus of the University of Connecticut, where he is a Professor of English. He is a member of The Dramatists Guild and the Writers Guild of America.

Director: Blanka Zizka
Set Designer: Andrei Efremoff
Lighting Designer: Jerold R. Forsyth
Costume Designer: Lara Ratnikoff
Music: Adam Wernick
Featured Performers: Anthony Chisolm, Reginald Flowers, David Hurst, David Simpson, Peter Wray
Running Dates: February 22-April 16, 1989

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