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Speaking in Tongues

New Playwright's Theatre, Washington, D.C.

Speaking in Tongues depicts the life and violent death of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Italian film director who was brutally murdered in 1975. Logan sets his play in and around Rome the year of Pasolini's death. In a style recalling cinematic montage, he shifts between scenes from Pasolini's daily life—a wrap party, press conferences, discussions with co-workers—and presentational monologues by Pasolini's mother, his agent, his producer, a government official, his accused killer, and Pasolini himself.

John Logan is a graduate of Northwestern University. He is the author of Never the Sinner, based on the 1924 trial of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb for the killing of Bobby Franks, and Hauptmann, which explores whether Bruno Hauptmann was guilty of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping in 1932.

Director: Peter Frisch
Set Designer: Michael Franklin-White
Lighting Designer: Daniel MacLean Wawgner
Costume Designer: Jeffrey Ullman and Penny Van Meir
Firght Direction: Bob Giglio
Featured Performers: Joel Swetow, John Elko, Sam Brent Riegel, Kyle Prue, Louis Schaefer, Barbara Klein, Bill Whitaker, Steven LeBlanc, Mary R. Woods, John C. Reed, Louis Reynolds, Kathryn Chase Bryer, Lou Dickey, and Allison Green
Running Dates: April 6-May 1, 1988

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