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The Investigation of the Murder In El Salvador
New York Theatre Workshop, NY

Set on a hotel veranda in El Salvador's capital city, The Investigation of the Murder In El Salvador follows the dinner party conversation of several members of the world's ruling class as they struggle to maintain their sense of power and privilege amidst the brutal reality of life in that war-ravaged country.

Charles Mee is a playwright, historian, and editor. Author of twelve plays, his work has been performed in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and elsewhere in the United States, as well as in Venice, Vienna, Paris, and other cities in Europe. Among his work for the theater is Time to Burn, to be directed by Tina Landau at Steppenwolf in February 1997; The Trojan Women, a Love Story, produced in the summer of 1996; and Orestes, based on the text by Euripides and developed with Robert Woodruff in 1992 at the American Repertory Theatre Institute. It was subsequently produced at the Saratoga International Theater Institute, by En Garde Arts in N.Y., by the Actors' Gang in Los Angeles, and in San Diego, Williamstown, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. His other plays include Chiang Kai Chek, My House Was Collapsing Toward One Side, Agamemnon, The War to End War, The Bacchae, Another Person is a Foreign Country, and others. Among his books are Playing God, The Genius of the People, Meeting at Potsdam, The End of Order, The Marshall Plan, and others--all of them selections of the History Book Club, Book of the Month Club, or the Literary Guild. His books have been published in at least eleven countries.

Director: David Schweizer
Set Designer: Tom Kamm
Lighting Designer: Anne Militello
Costume Designer: Gabriel Berry
Sound Designer: Eric Liljestrand
Featured Performers: Kathleen Chalfant, Tom Christopher, Paul Schmidt, Shona Tucker, Isiah Whitlock, Jr.
Running Dates: May 10-June 17, 1989

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