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New Music: August Snow
New Music, Better Days

The Cleveland Play House, OH

The trilogy New Music: August Snow, New Music, Better Days traces a love story and its attendant family relationships across two generations and forty years. Set in Depression-era North Carolina, August Snow, the first of three separate plays, introduces two young lovers—Neal Avery and his reluctant fiancee, Taw Sefton—and narrates their troubled courtship. New Music then explores the tragic consequences of World War II on the couple and their families. Finally, Better Days, set in the mid-1970s, contrasts the protagonists' mature love with the romance of their son Cody as the generational cycle begins anew.

The James B. Duke Professor of English at Duke University, Reynolds Price has produced a voluminous body of fiction, short stories, essays, poems, and plays. His 1986 novel Kate Vaiden won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction. His recent works include a tenth novel, The Promise of Rest, and a volume of translations and essays entitled Three Gospels. His television play Private Contentment was commissioned by PBS's "American Playhouse" and presented during its premiere season on PBS. The three plays of his New Music trilogy have been produced throughout the country. His sixth play, Full Moon, was performed by the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco in 1994. Reynolds Price is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and his books have appeared in 16 languages.

Director: Josephine R. Abady and David Esbjornson
Set Designer: Dan Conway
Lighting Designer: John Hastings
Costume Designer: C.L. Hundley
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Montgomerie
Featured Performers: Barbara eda-Young, John Carpenter, Kelly Gwin, John Hickey, Susan Knight, Sonja Lanzener, Kathleen Mahoney-Bennett, Richard Thomsen
Running Dates: October 10-November 12, 1989

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