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Dog Logic

American Place Theatre Company, New York, NY

The setting of Dog Logic is a run-down pet cemetery in the California desert. An intoxicating mix of the sublime and the surreal, this dark comedy is a hilarious but disturbing study of devotion to ideals in the face of urban sprawl. Hertel Daggett is the physical and spiritual caretaker of the pet cemetery he inherited from his father. His solitude is intruded upon by an aspiring real estate magnate who enlists the aid of Hertel's ex-wife and his long-lost mother to turn the property into a shopping mall. Hertel's fight to protect the 40 dried-up, burnt-out acres of little dead pets from the forces of real estate and reality weaves dinosaurs, cavemen, Egyptians, amoebas, television evangelists, Godzilla, and gospel music, answering the primal question: What makes man different from all the other animals?

Thomas Strelich was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. The author was awarded a Dramatists Guild/CBS New Play Award for the Magic Theatre production of Neon Psalms in San Francisco, which also had its New York premiere at the American Place Theatre. Other plays include Embarcadero Fugue and Time Wounded. Other honors include a National Endowment for the Arts grant for playwrights, the Bear Republic Theatre Playwright Award, the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Playwright Award, and commissions from South Coast Repertory and the Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Director: Darrell Larson
Set Designer: Kert Lundell
Lighting Designer: Jan Kroeze
Costume Designer: Kert Lundell
Sound Designer: Tristan Wilson
Music: Paul Lacques and Richard Lawrence
Featured Performers: Joe Clancy, Darrell Larson, Lois Smith, Karen Young
Running Dates: October 23-November, 1992

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