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National Symphony Orchestra Family Concerts Season

“Awesome!” “Amazing!” “How cool was that!” If you love the sound of kids excited by the arts, then get ready for MUSIC THAT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!
When families come together to share live music at an NSO Family Concert, it’s a magical time for everyone. That’s because we know how to engage young concertgoers with just the right elements: charming stories, lively narration, colorful images, a talented orchestra, and music filled with both feeling and meaning. Not to mention the thrill of experiencing it all in our great big Concert Hall! Perfect for ages 5 and up, these programs literally bring children to the edge of their seats, eager to hear what happens next.

Performances available in this season

  • The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!
  • Halloween Whodunit
  • The Magic Horn
  • Gershwin's Magic Key

4 Performances 4 P.M. Concerts

GET ALL 4 CONCERTS FOR THE PRICE OF 3!* Help our costumed musicians solve a concert hall mystery in Halloween Whodunit. Hear The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! from the wolf’s point of view. Join “Sahara Bob” on an exotic adventure in The Magic Horn. And let Gershwin’s Magic Key unlock your child’s interest in the legendary composer’s music. Subscribe today! (*Prices represent a savings of 25% off each ticket. Each of your tickets will be printed with a discounted price reflecting 25% off the full ticket price.)