Fortas Chamber Music Concerts

Artistic Director Joseph Kalichstein invites you to a phenomenal season of chamber music! As we reunite in the newly renovated Terrace Theater, this Fortas season will celebrate chamber music’s distinguished past, as well as its bright future. Join today’s best artists as they introduce new works, connect us back to honored traditions, and help advance the national conversation on creative expression—one captivating note, composition, and performance at a time.

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Performances available in this season

  • Celebrate Chamber Music
  • Cantus
  • Tackaks Quartet
  • Isobel leonard
  • Leila Josefwicz in Recital
  • Calidore String Quartet
  • Dawn Upshaw
  • Isabel Faust
  • KLR Trio
  • Leonard Bernstein
  • Stephen isserlis
  • Christoph Eschenbach