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Friends of the Kennedy Center est.1965

Wael Sherman "Being a Festival/Event volunteer at the Kennedy Center allows me to meet people from all over the world. Let's face it, where else would you see incredible art exhibits, enjoy free music, and learn about exotic and wonderful cultures, all under one roof? Whether learning about the Åland Islands or admiring a traditional Arabic wedding dress, the Kennedy Center is the place to be."
- Wael Sherman, Festival/Event Volunteer

Interested in volunteering for the National Symphony Orchestra Women's Committee? To volunteer, we invite you to become a member of the NSO/WC. Volunteers support the NSO Petting Zoo, the Summer Music Institute, and NSO in Your Neighborhood. For more information, click here!


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 Rauno Merisalu "As a first-time volunteer at the Kennedy Center, it was great to be a part of the Nordic Cool 2013 festival and share my cultural knowledge of Finland. For the amount of information I gave to the visitors, I learned at least twofold back - volunteering made this possible. I also loved learning about the free performances at the Millennium Stage. Every day of the year, visitors can attend these shows at no cost; during Nordic Cool, the performances featured music, theater, dance, and food from the Nordic countries, which was fantastic."
Rauno Merisalu,
Nordic Cool 2013 volunteer
From the country of Finland

5 primary volunteer areas:

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Festival and Event Volunteering

The Festival/Event volunteers assist the Friends volunteers with staffing the international festival as well as other events at the Kennedy Center. If you are interested in joining the Festival/Event volunteer team please email with your name, address, phone number, and email address. We will then add your name to our Festival/Event database!

Past international festivals that utilized volunteers include Arabesque: Arts of the Arab World in 2009 and maximum INDIA in 2011 and Nordic Cool 2013. These festivals reflect the unique perspective of the international flavor of the Kennedy Center's programming.

Other volunteer positions for Festival/Event opportunities can be as diverse as assisting with check-in for one-day workshops, to working side-by-side with an artist visiting the Kennedy Center, to assisting with the NSO Women's Committee Instrument Petting Zoo to Opera in the Outfield at Nationals Park. Festival/Event Volunteers receive benefits during their time of service, including discounted parking in the Kennedy Center garage.

Here are a few testimonials from Festival/Event volunteers who worked the Nordic Cool 2013 festival, held at the Kennedy Center in February and March of 2013:

"I believe that the international festivals are an important part of the Kennedy Center's programming because they showcase specific cultures. These festivals bring together those of us who may not be familiar with the cultures represented and are curious to learn about them alongside members of DC's international community who are either from these countries or more aware of the cultures."
Andrew Addison, of Norwegian descent
"Volunteering for Nordic Cool 2013 was a great way for me to learn about the other Nordic countries besides my own Swedish heritage. This was especially true because of the exhibits and performances I was able to attend, as they represented their culture in ways that were different, yet the same as mine.  I really enjoyed the Royal Swedish Orchestra concert that kicked off the festival. It was absolutely eye-opening."
–Juergen Zilling, Sweden
"It was wonderful to volunteer for Nordic Cool 2013.  I loved being able to represent my country to so many interested visitors and to share a little of the Nordic culture. To see my culture through the eyes of these visitors gave me a new perspective of, and appreciation for, my area of the world. Thank you for the opportunity - and I am also grateful that I was able to meet other volunteers who are part of the Friends program."
–Iben Munck, Denmark
"I loved seeing all forms of art representing each country so you could get a sense of their different cultures at the festival.  I absolutely loved volunteering for the LEGO and IPAD sections, and sharing the background of LEGO with all the patrons. It was amazing seeing what kinds of things kids were building with the Legos. The Kennedy Center is absolutely great in allowing other countries showcase their cultures."
–David van Ongevalle, married to a Finn