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Why Be a Friend?

Friends Survey Results

Education of Friends

  • 36%: College Degree
  • 34%: Master Degree
  • 17%: Some College
  • 9%: Ph Degree
  • 3%: High School
  • 1%: Other

Education of Friends.

Languages Spoken

  • 69%: 1 Language
  • 18%: 2 Language
  • 11%: 3 Language
  • 26%: 4 Language
  • 0%: >4 Language

Language Spoken

Main reason You Began Volunteering at the Kennedy Center

  • 66%: Love the Arts
  • 16%: Enjoy working with the People
  • 7%: Other
  • 5%: Friend's Suggestion
  • 3%: Allows Use of Skills
  • 2%: Perks
  • 1%: Convenient Hours

Main reason You Began Volunteering at the Kennedy Center.

Friends' Favorite Perks

  • Around 45%: Ticket Specials
  • Around 25%: Parking Discounts
  • Around 5%: Gift shop Discount
  • Around 5%: Other
  • Around 4%: Celebrity Sighting
  • Around 3%: Special Tours
  • Around 3%: Backstage Access
  • Around 2%: Canteen Use
  • Around 1%: Restaurant Discount

Friends' Favorite Perks. See the results from our latest survey.

Friends of the Kennedy Center est.1965

"Volunteering with Kennedy Center is a labor of love for me. You meet so many wonderful people, and the diversity all around the Center creates an ambience that is full of energy!"

Ashwin Saboo, Festival/Event Volunteer
Ashwin Saboo

Interested in volunteering for the National Symphony Orchestra Women's Committee? To volunteer, we invite you to become a member of the NSO/WC. Volunteers support the NSO Petting Zoo, the Summer Music Institute, and NSO in Your Neighborhood. For more information, click here!


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 Rauno Merisalu

"As a first-time volunteer at the Kennedy Center, it was great to be a part of the Nordic Cool 2013 festival and share my cultural knowledge of Finland. For the amount of information I gave to the visitors, I learned at least twofold back - volunteering made this possible. I also loved learning about the free performances at the Millennium Stage. Every day of the year, visitors can attend these shows at no cost; during Nordic Cool, the performances featured music, theater, dance, and food from the Nordic countries, which was fantastic."

Rauno Merisalu,
Nordic Cool 2013 volunteer
From the country of Finland