WORLD STAGES: Pequeno Teatro (Little Theater): Installation by Rosa Magalhães (Brazil)

Mar. 10 - 30, 2014
Hall of States
Running Time: 10 am-Building Close
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Kennedy Center Commission
Pequeno Teatro (Little Theater)
Rosa Magalhães

Puppets enchant people around the globe. They stimulate the imagination of children and adults alike, proving that nothing is impossible. In this Kennedy Center–commissioned work, Brazilian artist Rosa Magalhães (one of the most successful Carnaval designers in Rio de Janeiro, and an Emmy Award winner for her costumes at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro) has created puppets depicting four theatrical writers from different time periods and regions of the world. Visitors can look inside a miniature four-walled "theater" to experience the colorful details of Magalhães's playwright puppets positioned amidst some of the most memorable characters they've created:

--William Shakespeare (England; 1564–1616) with the title characters from Romeo and Juliet, Desdemona and Othello from Othello, and Lady Macbeth from Macbeth

--Luigi Pirandello (Italy; 1867–1936) with Sampogneta and Totina from Tonight, We Improvise and Pierro the Father from Six Characters in Search of an Author

--Molière (France; 1622–1673) with Harpagon from The Miser, M. Jourdain from The Bourgeois Gentleman, Sganarelle from The Doctor in Spite of Himself, and Lélie from The Blunderer

--Stephen Sondheim (United States; born 1930) with Anita and dancers from West Side Story

Hall of States
10 a.m. to building close


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