NSO Kinderkonzert: Viva Violins: From Baby Talk to Mozart

Sun., Apr. 28, 2013
Family Theater
Running Time: 50 minutes
Tickets On Sale: 6/2/2013
Price Range: $18.00 - $18.00

NSO Kinderkonzert
Viva Violins: From Baby Talk to Mozart
The violin grows up in the spotlight in this new program which tells the tale of three little violins and how their mother teaches them to "sing." Follow their stages of development from the baby babbling of teeny tiny pint-sized violins; learning the ABCs of notes and scales; discovering the grammar of proper rhythm, intonation, and note combinations; that awkward teenage experience of finding your voice and a way to be heard; and finally the maturity that comes with shared "conversation." Join NSO violinists Elisabeth Adkins, Paula Akbar, Holly Hamilton, and Jane Bowyer Stewart as they grow the musical experience from sweet lullabies like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" all the way to breathtaking Bach. For age 4 and up.
Come early for the Musical Instrument "Petting Zoo." Starting one hour before each Kinderkonzert, this hands-on activity in the Kennedy Center Hall of States gives children a chance to get up close with the instruments they'll see played on stage--from violins and trumpets to oboes and flutes. A project of the Women's Committee for the NSO.

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