Nordic Cool 2013: Teatret Gruppe 38, Denmark: Hans Christian, You Must be an Angel

Feb. 23 - 24, 2013
Family Theater
Running Time: 55 minutes
Tickets On Sale: 24/10/2012
Price Range: $18.00 - $18.00

Hans Christian, You Must Be an Angel
Denmark's Teatret Gruppe 38
Turns out a lot of the best fairy tales share the same hero. Regardless of whether they're about a little mermaid, an ugly duckling, or an emperor with new clothes, the true hero is their author, Hans Christian Andersen. Award-winning Danish theater company Gruppe 38 celebrates their countryman with a dinner party of sorts. A long table is set for a birthday party and two waiters have the job of their life: to serve a table filled with Andersen's fantastic fairy tale personalities, each with their own peculiar whims and needs. Audiences are invited to gather round and watch as the table jumps to life (literally) and the tales weave themselves into a combination unlike anything you've ever seen. For age 8 and up.
Audience members will stand and move during performances. Accessibility accommodations will be provided.

Part of Nordic Cool 2013.

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