WORLD STAGES: Solomon and Marion, Baxter Theatre Centre (South Africa)

Mar. 28 - 30, 2014
Terrace Theater
Running Time: 80 minutes
Tickets On Sale: 6/11/2013
Price Range: $49.00 - $49.00

U.S. Premiere

Baxter Theatre Centre

Solomon and Marion
Written and directed by Lara Foot
with Dame Janet Suzman and Khayalethu Anthony
 "Janet Suzman is quietly moving…
Khayalethu Anthony is hugely engaging."
--The Guardian (UK)

Watch a preview of the show.
Featuring Dame Janet Suzman, one of the world's most revered actresses of stage and screen (famed for her work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, a two-time Olivier Award nominee, and an Academy Award nominee for Nicholas and Alexandra), Solomon and Marion is the story of two injured souls searching for redemption in the fragile, post-apartheid South Africa. Marion has watched her life drain away. Children and husband gone, she ekes out an existence in a country utterly transformed. But it's the only home she has. As the new South Africa prepares for the World Cup finals, old divisions and suspicions seem as deep as ever, and the intruder she has been expecting, dreading, and needing arrives.
Free Explore the Arts Post-Performance Discussion: March 28

In English. Recommended for mature audiences.

Performance Timing: 80 minutes, with no intermission.

Part of WORLD STAGES: International Theater Festival 2014

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