WORLD STAGES: Les Souffleurs commandos poétiques, Tokyo Theatre Company KAZE & Les Souffleurs commandos poétiques (Japan & France)

Mar. 28 - 30, 2014
Throughout the Center
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U.S. Premiere

Tokyo Theatre Company KAZE and
Les Souffleurs commandos poétiques
Les Souffleurs commandos poétiques
Conceived by Olivier Comte
"In this day and age, when huge amounts of information can be distributed widely and instantaneously, here is an endeavor that uses the human voice to deliver words personally, from one person to another."
--Kahoku Shimpo (Sendai)

Watch a preview of the show.
Since 2007, Tokyo Theatre Company KAZE has been collaborating with France's nontraditional performance company Les Souffleurs commandos poétiques, a collective of artists world-renowned for their installations in public areas of everyday life. Led by award-winning actor, writer, and artist Olivier Comte, these souffleurs ("whisperers") use tenderness as a provocative posture--appearing seemingly out of nowhere to whisper secrets, poems, and other literary and philosophical expressions into the ears of passers-by through long hollow canes they call rossignols ("nightingales"). Their intent: to create spontaneous, peaceful, and meaningful poetic interruptions as an endeavor to slow down the world.
In English. FREE EVENT, No Tickets Required.

Part of WORLD STAGES: International Theater Festival 2014

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